A PSA to anyone who doesn’t have an allergy

If your child, friend, family member, neighbour, a distant cousin who lives in Michigan, your significant other’s best friends sister, or pretty much anyone on this planet has a peanut or nut allergy, there are a few things you need to know (these also happen to be some of my biggest pet peeves):

  1. Coconut is not a nut.
    It’s actually a seed! We appreciate your concern… but out of all the things we can’t eat, coconut is not one of them. So just try and do some research.
  2. Nutmeg…again, not a nut.
    See above. However, I understand how this one confuses most people. With Nutella becoming a popular staple in people’s diets it’s easy to associate nutmeg with it. But nutmeg is actually a dried seed grounded up into a seasoning.
  3. If you’re with anyone listed above, don’t stick something that contains nuts in front of their face.
    It’s not funny- no matter how you look at it. It’s actually pretty rude. So just keep your cereal bar to yourself ok?
  4. Don’t tell them it’s an inconvenience to not to eat peanuts or nuts.
    (This one is more for those school lunch days where everyone has to eat in the same room.)
    It’s not our choice to have this allergy thing. If you like to eat peanuts or nuts for all your meals, leave the room. There’s also the option of trying something new instead. It’s one meal out of your day. It’s not that hard to eat your daily dose of peanut butter for breakfast instead of lunch.

Try and keep these in mind the next time you’re around someone with an allergy.  When in doubt, it’s better to be overly concerned for someone’s safety (see points 1 & 2) than treating their allergy like a joke.




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