Grocery Isle Organization

It never ceases to surprise me when I see how grocery stores organize their products. Sometimes you go looking for an item that you have no doubt it should be in the refrigerated section, and you find it down a random aisle with cereal and protein bars (aka soy milk).

When it comes to shopping for peanut-free spreads, where you find them in your local grocery store just doesn’t make sense.

Now, lets say you are shopping with your young daughter. She’s 8 now, and likes helping you pick out the groceries. You need to re-stock your Sun Butter options, as your daughter likes the creamy kind, but her sibling likes the crunchy version.

You won’t find it down the condiments aisle, or the natural food section, or anywhere other than sandwiched in between 20 different versions of peanut butter.

Can you spot the Sun Butter?

The one product you spend your days hoping your child never comes in contact with.

Now, I took marketing. I know all about how stores place product not necessarily by where it should obviously go, but where consumers would instinctively look for it.

Sure, maybe in this case if you asked your neighbour or friend to pick you up some Sun Butter (to which you will probably have to explain that it’s a product made out of sunflower seeds that looks and tastes like peanut butter) they might go looking for it in the peanut butter section. They don’t know any better and it’s the one phrase they remember you saying/ comparing it to.

But as someone with an allergy, I would never want to spend time looking through product I can’t eat just to find what I’m looking for. And this isn’t the same as someone who’s trying not to eat carbs standing in the bread isle…

So if you’re shopping with your child who has an allergy, just be aware of where the peanut free alternatives are located (this goes for WOW Butter too). It might be a product you consider grabbing yourself instead of letting your child reach for it.


Want more information on peanut-free alternatives? Check out my previous post where I go over a few of my favourite.


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