EpiPens in schools

On November 13, CTV reported that some Winnipeg parents are wanting the Winnipeg School Division to change its policy on allowing emergency EpiPens at schools.

A cringe worthy snap of me at my Kindergarten graduation (you’re welcome)- note the black fanny pack around my waste, carrying my EpiPen

The parents are proposing schools have emergency cabinets with two EpiPens alarmed and locked inside. The EpiPens would be available for any student in need during an emergency, and administered by a trained staff member.

It’s an interesting idea. My mother always made sure I had my own EpiPen

on me at all times. In fact, I literally had it attached to my hip! While some parents let their kid keep their EpiPen in their backpack, I would carry mine in a fanny pack around my waist.

In an emergency, it’s important to have the EpiPen close. I understand the idea of wanting to have extras in the area at all times, but it’s important to make sure you don’t have to rely on them.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story, and will report back on the Winnipeg School Division’s decision or any other information that’s released.

Wondering what an EpiPen is? Check out my previous post where I go over the different types of auto-injectors.


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