Festive Chocolates: What to avoid when gift-giving

Happy December! The holidays are here and there’s only 3 more Saturdays until Christmas- crazy!

With parties to attend, gift exchanges to buy for, and your own list of friends and family to cross off the pressure’s on to find a perfect gift. It can be easy to just go out and buy some nice chocolate to throw into the mix.

I know as someone who’s taken part in office gift exchanges and brought hostess gifts for my friends it can be hard to find something quick, easy, and gender neutral to buy.

If you have an allergy, holidays can be a minefield for treats to avoid. Chestnuts roasting on the open fire? No thanks.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Holiday chocolates to avoid if you or anyone you know has a nut allergy:

  1. Turtles
    walk away, it’s not happening.
  2. Ferraro Roche
    the packaging is so tempting… but Ill pass
  3. Lindor Chocolates
    Although they technically don’t have a nut flavour, it’s all about the fine print (may contain).
  4. Hersey’s Pot of Gold
    Not the gift I was hoping for at the end of the rainbow.
  5. Godiva
    Don’t bother even stepping into the store.
  6. Toffifee
    Not the most popular choice, but still not safe
  7. Toblerone
    The triangle shape probably makes it taste even better, but save it for someone else.
  8. Mini Egg Christmas Collection
    Love the festive colours, but how about Eggies instead? They have a higher chocolate to shell ration anyways.
  9. Terry’s Chocolate Orange
    I’ve always wanted to slam the orange onto the table and have the pieces break apart… oh well
  10. Russell Stover Assorted Chocolates
    Don’t think I’ve seen these before… but the word ‘assorted’ should be a giveaway

That’s the roundup! Have you noticed a theme here? As a rule of thumb, avoid chocolates that come in a sample, assorted, or variety pack. They make all of the chocolates in the same factory, and usually have at least one flavour in the pack made with nuts (hazelnuts are pretty popular).

Looking for a safe alternative to these options? Herseys has some great option of Kisses available around the holidays like their milk chocolate in holiday packaging, Candy Cane or Cookies and Cream.  After Eights is also a great option if you’re looking for a box to share with a party.

Happy gift-giving.



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