A few things to expect this year

Hello 2018! I thought I would kick off the year with a few resolutions for both myself and this space and what you can look forward to here on the blog:

  1. Cook and Bake– Living on your own might sound all glamorous and fun, until you realize you now have to start feeding yourself. Last year, I found my rhythm. I buy the same groceries, make the same easy meals and make them in batch so I have leftovers for the week. This year, I’d like to start using some of the cook books I’ve collected over the years.

    FullSizeRender 6
    My favourite ‘healthy’ orange cookies
  2. Discover more healthy nut-free alternatives to popular healthy choices– This one goes hand-and-hand with the first point. Healthy recipes are easy to find, but so often have nuts in them. My goal is to find the perfect, nut-free and easy recipes to share with you. Check out my Pinterest account for inspiration.
  3. Try new restaurants- Winnipeg is known for its amazing local restaurants. Between our diverse culture, and our love for food there are so many new places popping up around the city. I hope to find the best places with the most nut-free options to share with you.


Things to look forward to on the blog this year:

  • My current favourite places to eat, drink, and be merry in Winnipeg (hint, theres some really good ones)
  • Step-by-step guide to an allergy test/challenge (for those of you who have never experiences the incredibly itchy and uncomfortable sensation… this one will be for you)
  • Testing out new recipes
  • and more!


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