5 foods you shouldn’t even bother reading the label, cause you can’t have them


pexels-photo-7049721.jpegSometimes I have a craving for a nice light breakfast of yogurt, granola, and berries (healthy, I know)…. but 9.5 times out of 10 when I walk down the grocery isle in search of some nut-free granola options, I strike out. I’m going to be trying out some DIY recipes so stay tuned for that.

Until then, the two brands I’ve found (in Canada) is theKashi Organic Promise Cranberry Oat Spelt & Flax and the KIND healthy grains® clusters in the vanilla blueberry clusters with flax seeds flavour. There’s no nuts, and no may contain warning- but be cautious, both of these brands sell other products with nuts in them.

Trail Mix

An obvious point to some, but you’d be surprised how many people try and offer me trail mix… as they bite down on a peanut or cashew….

My favourite brand of nut free trail mix is the Enjoy Life Not Nuts Seed & Fruit Mix. You can get it at most local health shops such as Vita Health.

Protein Bars

Apparently brands who make protein bars only associate protein with nuts. pexels-photo-322339.jpegSo sorry, but I have yet to find a safe brand. I’ve scoured the shelves at Winners, Marshalls, Home Sense, and every grocery store.

Although I’ve heard the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Snack Bars have potential…. so I’ll be making my way to Vita Health soon to double check on this.

Hard ice cream

Sorry, ice cream fans, getting your fix from the grocery store is not an option. They almost always have a ‘may contain tree nuts and nuts’ or ‘made in a facility that produces peanuts/ tree nuts’ warning. The key is to look for Walmart’s Great Value brand or Chapman’s.

Again, be cautious with Chapman’s, as they also have a ‘premium’ and frozen yogurt lines, which has nuts in it.


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