Newest finds at the grocery store

For this week’s food post, I didn’t make a recipe. Instead, I thought I would show-off some of the new items I discovered at the grocery store recently.

For anyone who buys groceries with an allergy in mind, you’ll know the excitement of finding a new item with the peanut-free symbol on it. I usually get suckered into buying a new cookie brand because I see the symbol as I walk by. I can’t resist.


This week, I grabbed Leclerc Tradition date oatmeal cookies. The dates caught my eye as an unusual combo, but when I noticed they were peanut-free, not too unhealthy, and came in individual packs, I decided to try them out.

I’ve thrown them in my backpack the last couple of days and I think they’re pretty good. The individual cookie is good for portion control, or just great for a quick snack. The cookie is soft, chewy and definitely isn’t as sweet as some other brands, which I like.



When I went to the grocery store, I was actually picking up some advil and Vitamin C, because I thought I was getting the flu (false alarm thankfully, just a two-day headache). So, I thought I would pick up a green juice to add some extra nutrition to my body. Unfortunately, I chose the grocery store based on it’s location instead of it’s products so I didn’t have many options.

I went with the Naked Green Machine fruit and vegetable smoothie. I’ve tried the Naked juice before and think it’s a great option for something a little sweeter. It’s made out of a selection of fruits and vegetables with no added ingredients, but keep in mind it has a high sugar content.


While walking down the fridge section, I found a dairy free yogurt option to try. I’ve been looking for awhile for an alternative, but the only one I’ve been able to find up until now is made by Silk. The brand also makes almond milk products and cashew milk products, so everything has a contamination warning. So, when I saw the Yoso creamy coconut, I couldn’t pass it up. I went with the vanilla flavour, because I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the original. I’ll report back with my thoughts on this soon!


The final item I actually picked up in the summer, but it’s an example of a product I’ve been trying a lot of different brands of. The Trader Joe’s organic Brown rice and quinoa fusilli pasta. If you live in the states, you have a greater chance of trying out this pasta then those of us who live in Canada. I picked it up in the summer when I went to Minnesota. I’ve been trying out different brands of gluten-free pasta to see if I can find an alternative that I like. Sometimes, I find gluten-free pasta to either taste like cardboard, or turn into a ball of mush. I’ll report back on my thoughts.



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