The time I watched someone with a peanut allergy, eat peanut butter…

Last week, my sister showed me a Snap chat video of her friend. It was a series of videos of her friend, Emily, going to the allergist. Emily is allergic to eggs, milk, fish, and she did have a peanut allergy.

Now, something you should know about Emily. She takes her allergies seriously, but chooses to not let them hold her back. She frequently makes jokes about the things she can’t eat and it doesn’t bother her when people make light of her allergies either. This past halloween, Emily dressed up as an egg and her boyfriend dressed up as the Epipen….

Anyways, back to the video. The video was Emily sharing her experience at the allergist. It was a big day for her because she was getting challenged for her anaphylactic peanut allergy. The videos started with her making a joke about how she had to BYOP- Bring your own peanut butter.

For those of you who don’t know, getting “challenged” at your allergist is when you have been approved for eating the allergen in doses. Your skin test has to produce a small enough bump, and your blood test has to come in lower than 0.5. You bring a certain amount of you allergen, in Emily’s case peanut butter, and you eat it in front of your doctor. It’s a long process because you start off eating a very small amount and then have to wait 30 mins to see if you have a reaction. You then go back into the doctor’s room and eat a bit more, wait 30 mins, eat a bit more, wait 30 mins, etc.

Emily recorded herself eating the peanut butter every time she went into the office. As I was watching her eat it and make light of the situation, I started to laugh. It was once of those laughs where you don’t know if you’re laughing because it is so funny or because you’re feeling happy but overwhelmed. Then out of nowhere I started to cry while I was laughing. Again, not sure if it was because I was laughing so hard, or because I was feeling a little over whelmed about watching someone eat peanut butter, or maybe even a bit of jealousy? Like I said, you’re blood test results has to come in under 0.5 to get challenged; for reference, mine is sitting at 120….Either way, I think I freaked my sister out a bit.

We watched the snap story about three times. Emily is now officially, as she calls it, a peanut survivor.

The experience was intense and caught me off guard, but she did it in such a fun and enjoyable way. Congrats Emily!


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