Spokin App Review

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I’ve been using the Spokin app for about two months and I think it’s time I share my thoughts on it.

What is Spokin?

Spokin is a new app for people with allergies. It claims to be the ‘easiest way to manage food allergies and it’s mission is to bring resources to food allergic families so they can live the fullest lives possible.

The interface is separated into 5 categories:

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news feed, search, share, notifications and your profile. You create a profile sharing information about you and your allergies. You can input which allergens you have, how long you’ve had them, and basic information such as your gender, age and location.

You can personalize your newsfeed by choosing what type of categories you want to see. There’s quite a few to choose from such as ‘Spokin recommends’ ‘Eating Out’ ‘Travel’, etc.

The app is for IOS only (iPhones). It’s free to use and can be downloaded in the app store.

What is it’s purpose?

Spokin markets itself as a resource for people who have recently been diagnosed with an allergy or allergies. However, it asks you which category you fall under: someone with allergies, someone with a child with allergies, or a professional interested in allergies.

Ok, so that’s the basics. Let’s get into my thoughts on the app.


Spokin App Pros

There’s some good articles on the app that are produced by the Spokin team. I’ve read a few and they’re highly researched and informative.

The interface is easy to use and has an intuitive layout.

The level of customization is nice because it lets you narrow down what you’re interested in and doesn’t show you anything that doesn’t relate to you.

Spokin App Cons

Other than the Spokin provided articles, the content on the app isn’t useful. The majority of my timeline is products I can ‘recommend’ or not, which I don’t find helpful.

The app is geared towards Americans. Sure, I input where I’m located, but most of the products, people, and articles feature are in the states. It’s annoying because 95% of products on the app aren’t available in Canada or at least not in my province. Therefore, the information isn’t helpful.

Final thoughts


Overall, I haven’t found the app that useful. I can find more recipes on Pinterest (Did you know I have a Pinterest I feature more recipes on?). I think it’s a shame that it’s only available for iPhones and I think there needs to be a better search feature… similar to Pinterest maybe where it gives you suggestions or popular searches?

If you’ve tried the app, let me know your thoughts! Am I missing something? Or do you feel the same way.


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