May contain Nuts

5 products that use to be peanut-free, but now have a may contain nuts warning:

Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies

anyone else remember these growing up? They were my absolute favourite cookies when I was younger, but all of a sudden they had a peanut warning on them.  As a side note, only the plain oatmeal cookies were safe, all of the chocolate or other variations always had a warning.


Nestle Chocolate

Nestle is a popular brand here in Canada, and it’s one of the only brands that is peanut-free… that is until you stray away from their regular chocolate bars. For examples, Kit-Kats are peanut-free, but Kit-Kat bites are not. Same thing with Coffee Crisp. There’s also a few of the variations that actually have a peanut butter flavour.


Chapman’s Ice Cream

Once upon a time, Chapmans was one of the only brands that carried peanut-free ice cream. But then they started carrying other brands and the peanut warning came with it. They have a frozen yogurt line, frozen treats like revels and popsicles, and a premium ice cream line that all have a warning.

Silk/ So Good milk

With the growing popularity of milk alternatives, finding one that is nut free has also become more difficult. I grew up with a milk allergy, so So Good milk was my families first choice. It started to become harder to get your hands on, so we switched to the brand Silk. Now, with almond, hazelnut, and cashew milk alternatives so popular because of people’s preferences, allergies, or intolerances to regular milk, both brands have a warning.


After Eights

I was in middle school when I first tried an After Eight. The minty dark chocolate was something I hadn’t tried before, and I think I finished the entire box in one sitting. They quickly became a Christmas tradition for me, as most chocolate’s aren’t peanut-free. However, the brand has now joined the party and added a peanut warning to them as well.


Have I missed any? Let me know if you’ve ever experienced having one of your favourite products put a peanut/ nut warning on their labels. If you’d like to know more about products with peanuts/ nuts, I wrote about the top 5 products to avoid.



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